Germany´s capital Berlin is a thriving city in the heart of Europe. Its centuries of controversial history, progressive art, scientific inventions and megalomaniac projects are waiting for you around every corner. In the last two decades Berlin has evolved in a hot spot for innovative start up companies, media, music and arts. 3,6 Million people – 200.000 of them being university students – live here and there are many differing areas in the city for every kind of person and every stage in life.

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Plus grande région de France, la Nouvelle-Aquitaine est un territoire riche, diversifié et attractif. Montagne, mer et campagne se répondent et affirment la douceur à la Française. Capitale de cette région, Bordeaux est l’une des principales villes du Sud-Ouest de la France. Son centre-ville, classé au patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO, construit sur les berges de la Garonne, en fait une ville très agréable à vivre.

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Brussels is the capital of Belgium and is often considered The capital of Europe. Indeed, many European institutions such as the European Commission, have their headquarters based in this city and more than 20 000 people work for the European Commission. In addition, Brussels also has a rich historical past; many monuments such as its famous Grand Place, bare witnesses of this past. Due to the multilingualism present in Belgium, Brussels has 2 official languages: French and Dutch. Today more than 1 000 000 people live in the 19 cities that compose the urban area of Brussels and several parks are scattered around the area. The city is also stretched-out on its East side by a great forest.

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Düsseldorf is a lovely city, located near one of the biggest rivers in Germany, the Rhine. It offers a lot of attractive places and squares for visitors from around the world, like the prestigious Königsallee, the Old Town with a lot of local breweries, and the fancy Media Harbour with modern architecture and a lot of exciting restaurants and cultural events.

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Geneva (Genève in French, Genf in German) is the largest and most visited city on Lake Geneva. It is located in the French speaking region of Switzerland. Geneva is famous as the seat of a large number of international organizations and companies. There are more than 500’000 people living in the area of Geneva.

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Lyon is the second-largest urban area of France (2.3 million inhabitants) located in the country’s east-central part at the confluence of the rivers Rhône and Saône, about 470 km (292 mi) south from Paris, 320 km (199 mi) north from Marseille.
Founded in 43 B.C., the city was the former capital of Gaul, city of the famous elder teacher and church father Ireneus of Lyon and is full of historical sites and buildings. Considered today as the capital of French gastronomy, it is culturally, historically and spiritually the place to be.

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Madrid is the capital and most populous city of Spain. The city has almost 3.3 million inhabitants and a metropolitan area population of approximately 6.5 million. It is the second-largest city in the European Union, surpassed only by Paris. While Madrid possesses modern infrastructure, it has preserved the look and feel of many of its historic neighborhoods and streets.

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Milan, or Milano as it is known in Italy, is world reknown for fashion, design, architecture and, of course, Italian cuisine! As the largest city in the north of Italy, Milan has become the economic, technological and financial center of the bel paese. With a metropolitan area population of more than 3 million, the Madonnina continues to grow each year in tourism and development as people from all over the world come to visit, to work, to study and to experience its beauty and charm.

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Munich Germany – “Grüß Gott” (May God greet/bless you) is a typical local greeting spoken to each other when you meet friends or strangers.
Many people around the world have heard of this city. When people think of Germany, they see a picture of Munich, clean and organized with men in leather shorts or women in fancy dresses in their mind’s eye. Each year more than 6 million people descend on Munich for two weeks in late September, Octoberfest and its seasonal beer have arrived!

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The city of Paris is the capital of France and is a world famous tourist destination. In fact Paris is the top city for tourism with France being the first country in terms of number of visitors – 89 million people visit France each year.
As well as being an amazing destination for culture, music, fashion, shopping, food and historical monuments, and not forgetting its reputation as a beautiful and romantic city, the metropolitan area of Paris is home to approximately 600 000 students and is consistently ranked as the world’s best city for international students. Paris is easy to get around with a very efficient train and underground system, connecting with buses and trams.

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Prague (Praha in Czech) is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic and a major international destination for people and companies from around the world. Every year millions of tourists flock to the capital with its astoundingly well-preserved medieval architecture. Prague is also home to the oldest university in Central Europe, Charles University, attracting students from many countries. However, the need for the gospel is great here, with the Czech Republic ranking in surveys as the most irreligious country in Europe.

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Zurich lies in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, embedded between the lake of Zurich and the surrounding hills.
Zurich, although it is the largest city of Switzerland, is relatively small. With a population of 400’000, you can cross the city in 30 minutes by bike. Nevertheless, being the financial capital of Switzerland and hosting the best-ranked university in continental Europe makes Zurich an international hub. Historically, Zurich was one of the birthplaces of the reformation as well as the Anabaptist movement.

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