Berliner Gemeinde Christi

Germany┬┤s capital Berlin is a thriving city in the heart of Europe. Its centuries of controversial history, progressive art, scientific inventions and megalomaniac projects are waiting for you around every corner. In the last two decades Berlin has evolved in a hot spot for innovative start up companies, media, music and arts. 3,6 Million people – 200.000 of them being university students – live here and there are many differing areas in the city for every kind of person and every stage in life. We have numerous big parks as well as two rivers and the city is surrounded by many lakes and the Brandenburg nature. Berlin takes pride in being pluralistic, multi cultural, international, blunt and a little bit crazy. – In that sense – even though having the highest percentage of atheism among the German cities – Berlin is somewhat like Jesus: You love it or you hate it.

The Berliner Gemeinde Christi was founded in 1991. It has seen intense quick growth up to 500 people at church on a regular Sunday as well as intense struggles to learn lessons God taught us over more than a decade. In the last years we have arrived at matured spiritual base and the church has regrown to now 140 members and 70 children including a dynamic campus and a thriving youth and family ministry.


For Sunday church services we meet here at 11:00 a.m.:

Here is how you can contact us:

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