Église du Christ de Bruxelles

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and is often considered The capital of Europe. Indeed, many European institutions such as the European Commission, have their headquarters based in this city and more than 20 000 people work for the European Commission. In addition, Brussels also has a rich historical past; many monuments such as its famous Grand Place, bare witnesses of this past. Due to the multilingualism present in Belgium, Brussels has 2 official languages: French and Dutch. Today more than 1 000 000 people live in the 19 cities that compose the urban area of Brussels and several parks are scattered around the area. The city is also stretched-out on its East side by a great forest.

The Brussels Church of Christ was founded in 1991, and today the assembly is composed of around 30 people, including mainly couples and families, with several teens that have recently been converted. In the past few years, many disciples from other countries have been added to the church. The family atmosphere existing in the church is a quality recognized by those from other churches.

For Sunday services, we meet at 10:30 in the northern part of Brussels primarily in 2 different places that are in the same district (the Hôtel Bloom! and the “Foyer Européen” [European Trainee Residence in English]


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