Gemeinde Christi München

Munich Germany – “Grüß Gott” (May God greet/bless you) is a typical local greeting spoken to each other when you meet friends or strangers.
Many people around the world have heard of this city. When people think of Germany, they see a picture of Munich, clean and organized with men in leather shorts or women in fancy dresses in their mind’s eye. Each year more than 6 million people descend on Munich for two weeks in late September, Octoberfest and its seasonal beer have arrived!

Although this is a world event in Munich, the city has much more to offer. From Munich, you can see the Alps and go to several lakes nearby. You have the Isar river running through the city which is excellent for long walks or grilling with friends in the summer. World class surfers also come to Munich to surf a small but dangerous part of the Isar in the city! Strange but true, people walking around in wetsuits with surfboards in Munich or on the trains summer and winter.
The city center is a mix of old and new architecture with the City Hall being an area only for pedestrians and a typical meeting up point. Another highlight is the open market called the “Viktualienmarkt” near City Hall with fresh products from local and world markets. Are you searching for traditional foods, hip coffee bars, museums, theaters, parks or modern forms of entertainment? Munich has much to offer year-round. In addition, if you are observant you will see locals in their leather shorts and women in fancy dresses during daily normal life! Tradition is valuable for those who live in Munich.

The Church of Christ in Munich is a happy, friendly, primarily German congregation of about 150 members with several multinationals as well. We are easy to reach via public transport. Our fellowship together on Sundays (11:00 – 12:30) are in German with live translation into English. We have all ages of children, a teen ministry a college ministry, singles, young marrieds and those who are more seasoned. During the week we meet as bible discussion groups near our homes.
Come visit us or even move to the city and help with the good work that God has prepared for us in advance to do.


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