Assemblée Chrétienne de Paris

The city of Paris is the capital of France and is a world famous tourist destination. In fact Paris is the top city for tourism with France being the first country in terms of number of visitors – 89 million people visit France each year.

As well as being an amazing destination for culture, music, fashion, shopping, food and historical monuments, and not forgetting its reputation as a beautiful and romantic city, the metropolitan area of Paris is home to approximately 600 000 students and is consistently ranked as the world’s best city for international students. Paris is easy to get around with a very efficient train and underground system, connecting with buses and trams.

The Paris church of Christ, l’Assemblée Chrétienne de Paris, has currently 185 members and around 50 children attending our Sunday kids programme. The church was started in 1986. Some members of the original team still serve in the Paris church. The Paris church has sent out missions, through the years, to Lyon, Geneva, Brussels, the French Antilles Islands, as well as members going to serve in French-speaking Africa. In addition to providing classes for children, the Paris church has a teen ministry, a student ministry, a young professionals group and family ministries. Members of the church are geographically spread around the Paris area and the Sunday service is held at 10 am in the La Defense area on the west-side of Paris, twice a month, and on other Sundays the church meets in house church groups.


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