Who we are

The European Federation of Churches of Christ (EFCC) was founded in 2015 by a group of churches of Christ in Europe, who are also affiliated with the International Churches of Christ. These churches decided to create this Federation in order to have a support organization for their representation in Europe, and to provide an administrative and financial structure for the organization of common programs and events dedicated to its members.

To be part of the EFCC, a European or a Middle-Eastern church must agree upon the common core beliefs as stated in the constitution of the Federation. The aim of this is to ensure that all member churches are part of the same family of churches, unified in their beliefs.

The EFCC headquarters are located in Geneva (Switzerland) and its member churches are listed here.

Our Mission

The EFCC provides a platform to define, coordinate, promote and support events or programs that will be offered to its members.

This website is the portal to all the services offered by the Federation. It gives the links to the local websites of the EFCC’s member churches. It also describes the projects and events organized by the EFCC. The website will also provide access to any required registration for an event.

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